Our products

Cyber Cool Max

• 12” Inline NSF 5 Micron Spun Filter
• 12” Inline NSF Block Coconut Carbon Filter
• 12” Inline NSF Block Coconut Carbon Filter
• 10” Inline Silver Post Carbon Filter
• 10” Inline PH FILTER
• LG NSF 80GPD Membrane
• 3.2 Gallon Metal Pressure Storage Tank
• Lux Faucet
• Shut-Off Valve

Cyber Essential

• 12” Inline NSF 5 Micron Spun Filter
• 12” Inline NSF Block Coconut Carbon Filter
• 12” HSF Inline NSF Block Coconut Carbon Filter
• 10” Inline Post Carbon Filter
• 10” Inline Green PH FILTER
• LG 80GPD Membrane
• 2.2 Gallon Metal Pressure Storage Tank
• Lux Faucet
• Shut-Off Valve

Cyber Drop

• 12” Inline 5 Micron Spun Filter
• 12” Inline Block Carbon Filter
• 12” Inline Block Carbon Filter
• 10” Inline Coconut Post Carbon Filter
• LG 50 GPD Membrane
• 2.2 Gallon Metal Pressure Storage Tank
• Lux Faucet
• Shut-Off Valve

Our reverse osmosis systems are European and of the best quality in the world.

Your level of manufacture in one of excellence which gives you more than 50 gallons of water per day.

Cyber Water System offers reverse osmosis that feature carefully engineered membranes that are designed to stand up to daily use. They filter even the smallest particles and include additional steps to ensure that the water it provides is both cleaner and healthier. When it comes to effective, efficient, and eco-friendly alternatives to bottled water, there is no better option available.

To learn more about how to find your most effective water solutions, Find your nearest Authorized– Cyber Water System Dealer for a consult with our water experts.

Water softeners

Hard water has finally met its match. Cyber Water System cutting edge water softener designs work for you – making sure your entire house enjoys the benefits of soft, clean water.

Feel the difference

Your hair and skin will thank you—from the shower, to your softer-than-ever sheets. Soft, cleaner water is the instant boost your body never knew it needed, and the best beauty sleep you will ever have.

Taste the difference

When it comes to drinking and cooking, experience what cleaner water really tastes like without objectionable odors and contaminants. Enjoy the bold taste of coffee and cook with the best tasting water in town. Calcium and magnesium can form tough limescale on your small appliances—like your coffee pot. Keep those small appliances humming along.

See the difference

Keep your brights, bright, and your whites, white. Your favorite t-shirt and jeans are guaranteed to last up to 33% longer. Streak and spot-free dishes. No more countless hours spent scrubbing in the kitchen. Your dishware stays crystal clear so your schedule can stay clear, too.

Advantages of water softening and filtration

It’s no secret that hard water is hard on…well, everything. Hard water problems are unavoidable and messy. They can be bad for your hair and skin and even worse for your pocketbook.

For more than 4 decades our Manufacturer has designed the most innovative, top-of-the-line home domestic and commercial water treatment systems, made in Europe. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Is softend water ok to drink?

Water Softners offer an excellent solution for a wide variety of water problems, from calcium deposits in pipes and stains on appliances, to unpleasant odors and stains on laundry. While the benefits of softened water are clear in most cases, many people are confused about whether they should be drinking softened water.

Much of the confusion lies in the way water softeners work utilizing sodium to reduce the hardness in your water. Hard water flows through the softener unit, which is packed with resin beads. These resin beads are coated with sodium ions. In a process called ion exchange, calcium and magnesium minerals are removed from hard water by clinging to those resin beads while the sodium ions are then released into the water and through your home. For this reason, many people mistakenly assume that softened water contains a high level of sodium.

The reality is that the average amount of sodium in a quart of water from a properly working water softener is 75 to 100mg. To put this amount in perspective, consider that the average slice of white bread contains 120mg. While softened water has only a trace amount of sodium, for some homeowners, this is still a concern to have in the water they drink and use for cooking. In these cases, the addition of a reverse osmosis drinking water system to the water softener can provide sodium free drinking water.

Reverse osmosis removes 97-98% of dissolved solids from water. Using pressure, this filter system forces water through a semipermeable membrane, which blocks contaminants while allowing water molecules to flow through. When pressure is applied to a volume of softened water during reverse osmosis, the salt is blocked by the membrane, so only clean water flows through.

For information about our commercial systems please contact us.

Our commercial reverse osmosis system easily accommodates different industries such as restaurants, coffee shops, movie theaters, or large homes.