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Welcome to Cyber Water Systems

The Cyber product line specializes in providing good quality residential industrial systems providing health and savings to every home. It has over 20 certifications including the NSF, FDA, Water Quality Association, CE, among others guaranteeing pure clinically approved water providing each product with all quality control standards in its manufacture.

Our water systems eliminate 99.99999% of viruses and bacteria or any biological pathogen including heavy materials such as lead and copper.

We distinguish ourselves by being the only company in Puerto Rico that offers reverse osmosis systems from four (4) to more stages, alkaline water in its systems, compact and aesthetically adapted systems to each home with guarantees and services for life.

About Us

With our innovated European designs, we deliver unmatched quality in the water treatment industry.

Cyber Water System is the world’s most comprehensive, most efficient home water treatment system on the market today. Our engineers have iterated on those ideas for over 4 decades to make sure that our products are the most efficient and innovative products for all.

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Cool Max and Mix offer

With the purchase of one of our alkaline systems you will receive the powerful Cyber Mix, an excellent high quality food processor that mixes pulverizing and converts meals into super foods, combining fruits and vegetables to create soups, lactose-free milks, natural butters, green juices and delicious and nutritious super smoothies.

Combine reverse osmosis technology with cyber mix and activate your immune system, alkalizing your body to slow aging and reduce inflammations in your body effectively and healthily.

Live healthy with Cyber Water Systems, water purification and nutrition systems.

Limited time offer.

Provide a better quality of life

Reduce water consumption, save detergents and soap,
save energy, ensure a maximum return (on investment).

Feel the difference

Our domestic water solutions improve your day-to-day life and increase your comfort

Discover the perfect balance
of economy and comfort.

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